December 30, 20 - 2:19 pm - LABS

After approval in the UK, Fiocruz plans to provide 1 million doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine in February in Brazil

On Wednesday, the emergency use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine against the novel coronavirus was approved by the Regulatory Agency for Medicines and Health Products (MHRA) in the UK. The immunizer is the only one that has an agreement with the federal government so far.

In June, the Brazilian government signed a $127 million agreement to start producing the vaccine in the country, in partnership with the Osvaldo Cruz Foundation (FioCruz).

Tests, also conducted in Brazil and other Latin American countries, showed that the Oxford vaccine is less effective than the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine but can be stored and transported under normal refrigeration rather than super-cooled to 70 degrees Celsius negative.

The National Health Surveillance Agency of Brazil (Anvisa) told UOL that Fiocruz is the one who will ask for authorization for the emergency use of the immunizer against COVID-19 in Brazil, but did not say when this will happen. The Foundation, for its part, has been saying that it should make this request by next January 15th.

At the beginning of this afternoon, Nísia Trindade, president at Fiocruz, told GloboNews that the first batch of doses of the OXford’s vaccine produced in Brazil is likely to be delivered in February.

What we are getting in January, on the schedule, is the active pharmaceutical ingredient, and we are going to start the production. We expect to deliver in the week of February 8-12 the first 1 million doses (…), and in the third week of February, the goal is 3.5 million doses per week

Nísia Trindade, president at Fiocruz.