January 27, 21 - 11:25 am - LABS

Peru decrees new lockdown and prohibits flights from Brazil

With more than 1.1 million cases and 40,000 deaths, Peru has again decreed a lockdown to try to contain the progress of COVID-19. The announcement was made by the interim president, Francisco Sagasti, in an official statement. The measure starts to take effect from next Sunday 31th in the capital Lima and in nine other regions of the country, and should reach more than 16 million people. The lockdown runs until February 14th.

On Monday, the country’s National Health Council warned that the second wave of COVID-19 was already devastating the health system and was almost uncontrollable, as reported by La Republica.

Imagem: Government of Peru/Website

Restrictions imposed by the lockdown include the closure of non-essential commercial establishments, casinos, churches and gyms; in addition to the recommendation of remote work. Flights to Brazil or coming from Europe are also prohibited to try to contain the proliferation of new strains of coronavirus.