May 20, 20 - 3:28 pm - LABS

Rappi is selling COVID-19 tests in Brazil through drive-thru

The Colombian delivery app Rappi is selling rapid COVID-19 tests in Brazil in a partnership with São Paulo’s companies to increase testing levels in the country, as reported by Exame. For each test sold by Rappi, one will be donated to public and philanthropic hospitals in the same region where the test was purchased.

Besides Rappi, the startups Vitta, Stone, Loggi, Cia. Da Consulta, Iguatemi, Mattos Filho, XP, QR Consulting, Orbitae, Sic Works and the NGO Revonatio took part in the initiative. Users can also choose to donate a test at the time of purchase. Each test costs BRL 251 ($43,91) and will be held in a drive-thru way in São Paulo.