July 03, 20 - 6:45 pm - LABS

Remote work boosts sales of home office furniture

As remote work remains the alternative for many companies that prefer to keep their staffs in social isolation, sales of chairs, desks, and other similar items have more than doubled in Brazilian retailers such as Tok & Stok, Mobly and Etna. The information was first reported by Valor Investe media outlet.

Sale of desks on TikTok stores rose 228% in the months of March to May this year compared to the same period in 2019. The sale of bookshelves increased by 130%. Office and stationery items grew 171%.

At Mobly, an e-commerce platform focused on furniture, the period from March to June saw a 39% increase in sales of office supplies. Desks and computer desks were the items with the highest increase: 56%. Sales of office chairs rose 36%, while cabinets and bookshelves recorded sales of 8% and 7% on a year over year comparison.

At Etna, sales of home office products tripled between April and June this year compared to the period from January to March. Among the categories that registered the highest increase are office furniture, such as tables, chairs and cabinets, which were up more than 200%. According to the company, two other categories that followed this growth were organizers, with growth of more than 180%, and table lamps, with a rise above 120%.

The marketplace Mercado Livre saw a similar consumer behavior. From March to June the sale of office chairs grew 1,362% over the same period last year. Desks registered an increase of 168%, and lamps, 64%. The platform also mapped sales of computer items such as internet modems, which increased 474%; network card, with a growth of 1,485% and webcams, which increased by 652%.