July 25, 20 - 2:45 pm - LABS

Rio de Janeiro cancels New Year’s Eve party in Copacabana

The city of Rio de Janeiro announced it is cancelling the next New Year’s Eve Party in Copacabana, which annually hosts one of the world’s largest fireworks displays and gathers 3 million people, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rio’s City Hall said that it will not be possible to organize the celebration in the traditional model, which causes a huge agglomeration of people, but it will propose other formats, possibly by broadcasting and transmitting it in a virtual format. Another possibility would be a dilution of the party, with smaller celebrations at different points of the city.

Image: Shutterstock

“With regard to New Year’s Eve, this traditional model that we have known and that we have practiced in the city for years, as well as carnival, is not viable in this pandemic scenario, without the existence of a vaccine,” informed RioTur, the municipal tourism company.

The tourism sector, already severely hit by the pandemic, should suffer once more. Last year, the average occupancy rate in Rio’s hotels reached 93% on New Year’s Eve, against 90% in 2018, according to Valor Econômico.