May 20, 20 - 6:03 pm - LABS

Robot vacuum cleaner sales skyrocket in Brazil during the pandemic

During coronavirus pandemic, the sales of robot vacuum cleaners have skyrocketed in Brazil: an increase of 802% in April in comparison to the same period last year, according to consultancy GfK, as reported by TechTudo.

According to the consultancy, 5,500 robot vacuum cleaners were sold in Brazil in January. The number remained more or less stable until arriving in April, when 17,000 units were sold.

The category as a whole generated BRL 24.1 million in revenue in the first four months of the year. The big growth came in April, a period in which revenue reached BRL 13.3 million.

The Brazilian company that produces this vacuum cleaner Multilaser sold the entire stock of 10,000 products that may cost at least BRL 400 each. The robotic vacuum cleaner uses an intelligent environment mapping system that decides the best route.