April 16, 20 - 1:13 pm - LABS

Sales in self-service stores slow down in Mexico

Photo: Shutterstock

Even with the wave of panic purchases due to COVID-19 in Mexico, sales of the National Association of Self-Service and Department Stores (Antad) decreased during March, as informed by Milenio.

According to the monthly report of the entity, its sales reached a growth of 1.1% in equal units (that is, those with more than a year of operation). In total stores (considering the openings of the last 12 months) the business organization registered a positive variation of 4.3%.

The result represents a slowdown in its growth rate. During February, Antad reported a growth of 7.5% to comparable stores and 10.6 percent to total units. In a videoconference with the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), Antad’s president Vicente Yáñez explained that although a significant drop was expected for the department and specialized channel, during the April report the impact of the pandemic on its sales will be more noticeable after the closings of units.