September 11, 20 - 10:26 am - LABS

Sales of computers in Brazil grew more than 40% amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Sales of notebooks and desktops grew more than 40% during the pandemic, but there is still an accumulated consumption potential of 21.5 million devices (20.4 million notebooks), according to a survey carried out by the market research group GfK, in partnership with consultancy 4E, and reported by Valor Econômico.

Forced remote work and learning due to the pandemic pushed consumers’ demand for new computers. It also increased the number of computers in use in the family and the number of those who intend to buy the first computer.

Brazilian boy taking remote classes. Photo: Shutterstock

In an interview with Valor, Fernando Baialuna, director of GfK, said there is a higher consumption potential amid the low-income families in the country. “They are looking for the first notebook as a complement for the smartphone. Besides, there is an increase in the density of devices per home in upper class”.