January 05, 21 - 10:47 am - LABS

Brazil’s state of Sao Paulo will request emergency use of CoronaVac

According to UOL, the State of Sao Paulo’s government in Brazil will request authorization for the emergency use of CoronaVac, the vaccine against COVID-19 developed by the Chinese Sinovac, tested locally in partnership with Butantan Institute.

The announcement will be made next Thursday when the local government hopes to receive data on the Chinese vaccine’s effectiveness. With the documentation in hand, the country’s health regulator Anvisa will have ten days to authorize or not the inoculation of the immunizer.

The state’s health committee and the Butantan Institute, the institution that manufactures most Brazilian vaccines, guarantee that the vaccine is effective, even if it does not reach 90%.

Sao Paulo Governor João Doria insists on starting vaccination with CoronaVac on 25 January. The issue became a political dispute between him, a possible future candidate for Brazil’s presidency, and President Jair Bolsonaro, who has repeatedly expressed his opposition to the Chinese vaccine for purely ideological reasons.