July 13, 20 - 4:16 pm - LABS

Scientists in Brazil use particle accelerator to map coronavirus structure

A new particle accelerator in Brazil is being used to investigate the novel coronavirus. Last Saturday (11), the first images produced by Sirius, the largest synchrotron in Brazil and one of the most advanced in the world, were presented. It could help scientists understand how the virus works.

The expectation is that the tool will be used by researchers to produce a drug that inhibits and combats the reproduction of Covid-19 in the patient’s body, according to CNN Brasil.

Image of a new coronavirus’s protein as it was produced by the particle accelerator Sirius. Image: CNPEM / Courtesy

The work is conducted by researchers from the National Research Center for Energy and Materials (CNPEM), who observed crystals of a protein that is part of the SARS-CoV-2 virus replication process within the infected organism.

The intention is to allow researchers from all over the world to use the tool, through a selection. In this first moment, priority will be given to studies related to the fight against Covid-19.