May 22, 20 - 10:54 am - LABS

Shopify CEO extends remote work policy indefinitely

On Thursday, Shopify announced to its workers it will extend its remote working policy indefinitely. Tobi Lütke, CEO at Shopify, tweeted that offices will be closed until 2021 and most of the staff will be allowed to work from home on a permanent basis if they want to. “Office centricity is over”, he said.

Until recently, work happened in the office. We’ve always had some people remote, but they used the internet as a bridge to the office. This will reverse now. The future of the office is to act as an on-ramp to the same digital workplace that you can access from your working from home setup

Tobi Lütke, CEO at Shopify

The CEO also said that the work experience should be the same for everyone who works at Shopify no matter where they are working from. He tweeted that everyone will be in their own tile during meetings and the company will use the best digital communications tools to work together.

With Shopify, Facebook, Twitter and other companies that are digital by default also extended remote work policies. To The Verge, Facebook said that up to half of employees could work remotely within five to 10 years. Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said the company will allow most of its employees to request a permanent change in their jobs to let them work remotely and will also begin to make most of its US job openings eligible for remote hires.