April 27, 21 - 4:11 pm - LABS

Shortage of immunizing agents is pointed out by Brazil’s health secretaries as the main challenge to spur vaccination

The lack of immunizing agents is pointed out by 47% of the municipal secretaries as the main challenge to speed up COVID-19 vaccination in Brazil, says Unidos pela Vacina (united for the vaccine) movement, in partnership with Locomotiva Institute, a Brazilian think tank.

They both carried out a survey with health secretaries in all Brazil‘s 5,570 cities. Besides the lack of immunizing agents, health secretaries interviewed point out that the main challenges to spur vaccination is strengthening and improving vaccination rooms structure. Of the total number of municipalities surveyed, 40% do not have a refrigerator with temperature measurement and alarm in good condition, fundamental equipment for
store the immunizer and mitigate the risk of missed doses.

In 35% of them, the vaccination room needs adjustments. In 19% of health posts there is no internet for the registration of immunization; 12% of them
do not have a computer. And 15% point out the need to equip the rooms with items such as sink with water, soap and paper towels, sharps collection box, among others improvements.