October 19, 20 - 10:53 am - LABS

Sinovac’s vaccine proved to be safe in trials with 9,000 Brazilians

The coronavirus vaccine Coronavac, developed by the Brazilian Butantan Institute in partnership with the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac has proven to be safe in trials with 9,000 Brazilian volunteers, reported O Estado de São Paulo.

The vaccine had already been tested with 50,000 Chinese. However, the efficacy data may only be released between November and December, which could delay the forecast by the São Paulo government to start immunization this year in the Brazilian state.

In São Paulo, as soon as there is a vaccine approved by Anvisa (the Brazilian regulatory health agency), vaccination will be mandatory for the entire population. According to São Paulo’s Governor João Doria, the only exception is for those who have medical advice and a medical certificate that they cannot take the vaccine.

On the other hand, almost half of Brazilians (46%) say they would not get a vaccine of Chinese origin. This is what a survey by the Brazilian CNN shows. The rejection of a vaccine by a Chinese company, such as Sinovac, is greater than that of a vaccine of Russian origin, rejected by 38% of respondents, or from the United Kingdom (Oxford / AstraZeneca), and the USA and Germany (Pfizer / BioNtech). These last three options were rejected by 22% of the survey respondents.