April 01, 20 - 1:39 pm - Fabiane Ziolla Menezes

The Brazilian startup that is helping small carriers to maintain the transport of essential goods

The Brazilian logistics startup CargoX has zeroed its marketing investments planned for 2020 to create a BRL 30 million ($5.7 million) fund to help small carriers and fleet owners in the country amid the coronavirus pandemic.

With the money, the startup will pay 70% of the freight for essential products such as food and medicines at the time of loading, as a way to help these small companies in maintaining the transportation of these items. The other 30% of the freight will be paid at the final destination.

The company’s CEO Federico Vega talked to LABS about the new fund, and the new tough routine of the small carriers during the crisis. Read it here.

Federico Vega, CEO at CargoX. Photo: CargoX/Courtesy.