November 04, 20 - 5:40 pm - LABS

These are the vaccines in trials in the largest economies in Latin America

As many as anywhere globally, four of the leading vaccines are in trials in Brazil, where the 5.58 million cases has made the country the place to develop the immunization.

Latin America’s largest economy, Brazil has been in late stage trials for vaccines under development by Oxford University/AstraZeneca, China’s Sinovac Biotech, Pfizer in partnership with BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson‘s vaccine. A Brazilian laboratory and a pharmaceutical company also have deals to produce the Russian Gamaleya Institute vaccine, but trials of this immunization haven’t started yet.

Brazil’s neighboring country, Argentina is expecting 10 million doses of Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine as well. However, so far, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson are the ones testing its vaccines in the country.

Also, Argentina in August made a deal to co-produce with Mexico the AstraZeneca/University of Oxford’s vaccine. On its behalf, Mexico has been conducting late stage trials with the Chinese CanSino Biologics‘ vaccine. The country also has deals with Pfizer and AstraZeneca to provide doses for the Mexican population.

(Information gathered by LABS through Reuters)