June 30, 20 - 3:58 pm - LABS

Arrivals from Uruguay will be allowed to enter Europe

Uruguay is the only Latin American country from where the European Union will allow visitors, since it’s one of few countries in Latin America – a region that concentrates 25% of COVID-19 infections worldwide – that seems to have the pandemic under control, as Clarín reported.

Also, Uruguay became one of the first countries in the Americas to reopen schools, as it has 932 confirmed cases and 27 deaths from COVID-19.

The countries list was approved this Tuesday and leaves out arrivals from the United States, Brazil and Russia, three of the countries currently overwhelmed by the spread of the coronavirus.

Besides Uruguay, travelers who will be able to enter Europe are, among others, those arriving from Japan, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, New Zealand, Algeria, Georgia, Montenegro, Rwanda, Serbia and Tunisia. China and Morocco will also be accepted, although Spain suspends arrivals from these two countries until reciprocity is assured.