July 13, 20 - 3:55 pm - LABS

Uber inaugurated a sanitation center for cars in Mexico City

Uber inaugurated a disinfection center for cars operating in the platform in Mexico City, in order to reinforce the protection for users and drivers. In a statement, the company explained that it plans to expand the service to other cities in Mexico and that the sanitation center also delivers personal protection kits.

In Brazil, Uber has been offering sanitation and disinfection at designated centers in 7 cities: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Salvador and Brasília.

Photo: Screenshot/Uber

“In the pilot phase of this initiative, we could see that nearly 90% of drivers said they feel safer. We know that hygiene and protection are fundamental for them in the face of the new normality and at Uber we are prioritizing it,” said Gretta González, general director of Shared Travel at Uber in Mexico. 

On-site vehicle disinfection services adopts a cleaning process used in hospitals and ambulances, with a product that adheres to all internal surfaces of the car. 

“Today more than ever, tranquility regarding health is a fundamental aspect. In all areas, our processes and equipment carry a standard in security measures that users and driving partners can trust,” said González