March 25, 20 - 11:00 am - LABS

Uber will give financial and health aid to drivers and deliverers in Brazil

To fight COVID-19, Uber announced on Tuesday that will give financial aid and medical discount to drivers and food deliverers in Brazil during the pandemic of the coronavirus. 

The company offers financial assistance for up to 14 days in case of infection or quarantine, in addition to discounts on consultations and medical examinations. For this, Uber made a partnership with Vale Saúde Sempre, a platform that offers discounts on medical consultations in a private service network and more than 3,000 types of laboratory and imaging tests. Uber’s program will also give a 20% discount on medications at accredited pharmacies.

No fee will be charged to partners for access to this program. Without the agreement with Uber, the cost of Vale Saúde services would be BRL 358.80 per year for each partner.