May 17, 20 - 3:42 pm - LABS

Unemployment insurance claims almost doubled in Mexico over April

Last month, Mexican workers made withdrawals from their unemployment insurance accounts totaling MXP 1.6 billion, which meant an increase of 95.5% over the MXP 813.9 million registered in April 2019, as reported by Milenio.

According to data from the National Commission of the Savings System (Consar), the latest figure also represents a 55.8% increase over March. Last Tuesday, the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) reported that, as a result of the health emergency, in April the country registered the closure of 555,247 job positions. 

Brazil, the biggest economy in Latin America, ended the first quarter of this year with 1.218 million more people without a job, as the unemployment rate increased to 12.2%.