November 26, 20 - 9:32 am - LABS

Updates on the vaccine race: Pfizer sent Brazil’s regulator data for its COVID-19 vaccine

Pfizer on Wednesday sent Brazil’s health regulator (Anvisa) the first trial data for its COVID-19 vaccine. It is not yet an application for registration of the vaccine, but a procedure that can speed up the process when Pfizer officially submit it, reported G1.

According to trials, Pfizer vaccine is 95% effective, but it faces a logistical problem, since it needs to be stored at -70º Celsius (-94º Fahrenheit). Few health facilities have cold chambers with this capacity, says G1.

Meanwhile, its rival AstraZeneca has acknowledged a mistake in the vaccine dosage it gave to some participants. Experts said the error as well as data irregularities have eroded their confidence in the reliability of the results, according to the New York Times. Also, trial volunteers would not correctly represent elderly patients, the highest risk group, reported NYT. Brazil already has deals to purchase and produce AstraZeneca’s vaccine through Fiocruz laboratory.

Only on Wednesday, when the world broke yet another record of daily deaths by COVID-19, 12,785, 620 of these deaths occurred in Brazil, bringing the total number of deaths in the country to 170,799 since the beginning of the pandemic, showing an upward trend in both deaths and cases in Latin America’s largest country.