March 06, 21 - 7:25 pm - LABS

Venezuela’s President receives 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Nicolas Maduro and first lady Cilia Flores have received the first shot of Russia’s Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine, Venezuelan state television showed on Saturday as reported by Reuters.

“Across the world, the studies say that the Russian vaccine is a great vaccine to generate immunity,” Venezuela’s president said. “We will guarantee all vaccines for the people of Venezuela.”

Venezuela’s Health Ministry said on Saturday that the second shipment of 100,000 Sputnik V doses had arrived from Russia on a flight by state airline Conviasa.

The country received the first Sputnik V vaccine 100,000 doses on February 13. Venezuela’s president said about 60% of those doses had been administered, with priority for medical staff, officials and lawmakers in the first phase.

Venezuela has reported 141,356 cases and 1,371 deaths from COVID-19, numbers that are far below its South American neighbors. However, opposition politicians and medical workers say the precise statistics are likely to be well higher due to a shortage of tests for the new coronavirus.