June 29, 20 - 11:14 am - LABS

Visa registered 5 million new online users in Brazil, says Mobile Time

Visa registered 5 million new online users in Brazil during the coronavirus pandemic. The information was released for Mobile Time by Hugo Costa, director of CyberSource, a subsidiary. Last month, the company had said that across Latin America new users totaled 13 million in e-commerce.

The growth of these new customers was due to the pandemic crisis, since many of the users had to make purchases digitally, without being able to go to local businesses due to the rules of social distance.

“When adopting a protocol like this – social distance – restriction on opening of physical stores, you have an obvious migration to adhere to protocols in digital channels, such as online purchase, pick up in the store, payment links, sales by messaging apps and social networks. All of these elements have been accelerated, ”said Costa to Mobile Time.