May 31, 21 - 12:02 pm - LABS

With 41% of the population vaccinated, Chile implements the Mobility Pass within the country

Chile has implemented the so-called “Mobility Pass”, a kind of passport that allows people vaccinated with the two doses against COVID-19 to move around the country freely, including in quarantine areas. Chile is the Latin American country with the most advanced vaccination program, with 41% of the population vaccinated with the two doses.

The Mobility Pass allows people to move freely, as long as they respect the rules and restrictions regarding the number of people at meetings or events, the curfew, physical distance and the use of masks. The document is not valid for travel abroad.

Chile Mobility Pass COVID-19
Photo: Screenshot/Government of Chile

According to the federal government, the Mobility Pass can be obtained through a QR code on the vaccination voucher. The document can be presented digitally or physically. The QR code is unique and individual and, when scanned, will attest whether the citizen is qualified or not to the Mobility Pass.

The Mobility Pass is only released for people over 18 after the 14-day period after the second dose of the Pfizer, Sinovac or AstraZeneca vaccines, or after the 14-day period after the single dose of CanSino. Children under 18 are included in the Mobility Pass when accompanied by a responsible adult.