April 01, 21 - 1:13 pm - LABS

Worsening COVID-19 pandemic makes March the most lethal month for Brazil

66,868 Brazilians died of COVID-19 in March, according to data obtained by the consortium of press vehicles formed by the largest newspapers in Brazil (Estadão, Extra, Folha, G1, O Globo and UOL). It was the deadliest month in the country since the pandemic began a year ago.

Photo: Photocarioca/Shutterstock

Until then, the month with the most deaths had been last July, when 32,912 people died, that is, March had more than twice as many deaths. In at least 18 states, the number of deaths has hit a record.

As of March 31, 321,900 Brazilians had died by COVID-19.